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♥ Cyl Chan ♥

Hi :")

.I'm Cyli and I come from Viet Nam
You can call me Cyl
And I'm just a silent person
There's nothing special in this LJ. All of posts are only about my feeling for my daily life so I only share my LJ for my friends and someone who really wanna become my friend. And if you add my LJ because I'm a fan of TVXQ or Yamada Ryosuke. It isn't necessary. You can add my FB or twt, I always welcome.

♥ My love ♥


.I like music, especially Jpop but I fall in love with a K-pop boyband: TVXQ!
It's TVXQ! with 5 members not 2
Of course, they are divided now but it is not the matter. I will always support 5 them

.And my favorite Japanese boyband is Hey! Say! Jump. My bias is Yamada Ryosuke. I love his smile so much >////< I'm a maintainer of JFP - a community for fanfic of Hey! Say! Jump.